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Concrete moisture and surface alkalinity testing are essential in determining the suitability of a concrete slab prior to receiving moisture-sensitive materials regardless of age or grade level.


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About Us

FloorMedic’s is a total solutions company when it pertains to concrete moisture testing and concrete mitigation systems.

Our Certifications

  • Active Voting Commitee Member of ASTM F.06 Resilient Floor Coverings (ASTM Standards: F3010 – F2170 – F1869 – F2420 – F2659 – F710)
  • Active Voting Member for The International Concrete Repair Institute on committee 710 Coatings & Waterproofing
  • Certified Concrete Moisture Technician
  • Certified Ceramic Tile Consultant

Assured and Insured

Reduced Liability, FloorMedic’s is fully covered with extensive Errors and Omissions insurance, General Liability insurance, and Workers’ Compensation insurance.

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Located in the heart of Colorado, FloorMedic’s would be happy to take on any job from coast to coast.  See where we’ve tested, join our newsletter, email, or just feel free to call us.

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Industry Statements

"We strongly recommend that an independent testing form and specified moisture testing"

− American Society of Concrete Contractors

"The use of independent testing companies is endorsed by all major construction industry organizations"

− The World Flooring Association

"Interpretation or evaluation of the moisture and pH test results should be made only by those experienced with these testing methods."

− American Concrete Institute 302.2R-06

"An independent party provides an unbiased test results. An independent party is typically more experienced in following the ASTM test standards. Independent test reports will more likely be distributed to all parties "

− ACI 302.2R-35 Chapter 3.4.5

"9.1 – 9.2, It’s is recommended that qualified independent 3rd party testing agencies be used for determining moisture and alkalinity conditions of a concrete slab"

− CRI Carpet & Rug Institute Standard Installation 104

"Independent agencies should perform moisture test as specified in the CSI"

− CSI Section No.1400 “Quality Requirements