Our obligation is to offer an honest, unbiased, data-backed evaluation of any moisture issue that exists within a concrete slab.

FloorMedic’s provides consultation and advice regarding Concrete Moisture Related Floor Covering Failures, Certified Concrete Moisture Testing, Moisture Reporting, Solutions for High Moisture Readings within a Concrete Slab, Ceramic Tile & Stone, Moisture Sensitive Flooring and Non-Compliant Industry Standard Installations.

A full range of services are provided for the project manager, owner, architectural and or contractor communities. These services are available on a national basis and are designed to improve the quality of a project.

Specification Services:

FloorMedic’s can review your current specification and or assist you with writing a specific project specification for the installation of materials in a clear and concise format. This way the specification can be read by the installer and leave no doubt as to the methods, materials, and quality requirements.

Project Quality Control Service:

FloorMedic’s has the field experience and a firm understanding of installation requirements and can facilitate with project control. From pre job installation meetings, installation monitoring, to final inspection and assessment.

Inspection / Expert Opinion / Expert Witness:

FloorMedic’s provides an unbiased third party evaluation from job inspection, written evaluation, destructive testing and cataloging, material analysis, deposition and testimony.


FloorMedic’s will investigate the cause of problems and provide a recommendation for concrete remediation. FloorMedic’s can also provide installation specifications, evaluation of product and installation methods for suitability relative to the application for replacement remediation of installation failures.

 FloorMedic’s provides Quality Control Plans and Quality Control Inspection Services.

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