FloorMedic’s is committed to offer an honest, unbiased, data-backed evaluation of any concrete moisture issue that exists within a concrete slab.

Standard Local Floor Covering and Coating Inspections (Colorado):

  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Installation Defects
  • Adhesive Failure
  • Maintenance Damage
  • Environmental Damage
  • We can take and categorize floor covering assemblies and or provide d-constructive sites for all parties involved in a potential claim situation

Note: To properly evaluate existing work, it may be necessary to remove parts of the work.  FloorMedic’s cannot replace or be liable for sections of removed work.

Out of Town Inspections (Inside the United States):

Email/Fax/Mail: Send photographs and a written description of the job problem including type of substrate (example: wood, backer board or concrete) and photographs of the effected areas along with a brief history of the installation and materials used. FloorMedic’s will offer a certified written opinion as to the problem and recommendations for repair, if possible.: Please Call (This is our most popular option for quick turn around and value).

Inspection Services Provided (Arranged and Managed):

  • Concrete Core Sample Drilling for Effected Assemblies To Be Mailed To Either A Predetermined Lab For Materials Analysis and Or The Manufacturer
  • Petrographic Examination of Concrete Specimens
  • Document Review for Vapor Retarder Submittals
  • Concrete Curing Submittals

Disclaimer:  FloorMedic’s will make every effort to conclude a complete and thorough inspection. Conclusions are the best possible explanations that can be provided based upon all available evidence.  Certain crucial parts of the workmanship and or materials may not be able to be observed. Our inspections are (after the fact). Destructive testing may be needed to determine if there were any deviations from industry standards. FloorMedic’s does not form an opinion as to whom or what may have caused any deviation from industry standards. Our conclusions are not necessarily the only depiction of prior events and materials inspected on the project.

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