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Our responsibility is to offer an honest, unbiased, data-backed evaluation of any moisture issues that exist within a concrete slab.

FloorMedic’s has developed a concrete moisture testing program specifically for commercial projects. It is designed to provide our customers with the information they need to make informed decisions. By giving this information well in advance, our customers are able to create a precise budget and schedule that will cost effectively reduce their risk of concrete moisture related flooring failures.

Why Measure Moisture?

  • Meet Flooring Manufacture’s Warranty Requirements
  • Contractual Obligations
  • Minimize Liabilities
  • Fast Tracking a Project over Green Concrete
  • Existing concrete slabs should be tested to insure that the vapor retarder is still functioning properly
  • Due Diligence
  • To Conform with project specifications & industry standards
  • Moisture related damage

Why Use FloorMedic’s?

  • We are Certified by the American Concrete Institute and the International Concrete Repair Institute
  • We Are Accurate, Fast, and Reliable
  • We Are Independent
  • We are a trusted industry leader.

FloorMedic’s Value

FloorMedic’s offers complete, accurate and independent certified concrete moisture & alkalinity testing with data logging. We follow the most current standards, ASTM F2170-11 Relative Humidity, ASTM F1869-11 Calcium Chloride and ASTM F710 Alkalinity and pH Testing.

Pricing Includes: Risk Assessment Analysis, Blue Print Test Location Mapping, and Comprehensive Moisture Test Data Report, Field Report and Risk Assessment

Trending A Slab is a service that is provided locally where FloorMedic’s is commissioned to test a new concrete slab that has an effective vapor retarder and or above grade construction. Once our certified concrete moisture tests have concluded and the results turn out to be higher than the maximum threshold of which the floor covering manufacture will warrant, we can offer recommendations through our proprietary preventative and accelerated drying process and then re-test at a predetermined future date. This service has proven to produce more favorable and tolerable results rendering the concrete slab from a failed to a pass situation. This service can save our clients 10’s of 1000’s of dollars on small projects to 100’s of 1000’s on larger projects. In 2014 alone, this process created more favorable drying conditions in 2/3’s of the new slabs we tested.

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