It is FloorMedic’s pleasure to offer and or provide the proper Industry Standard Method of preparation for each and every concrete slab reviewed.

Surface Preparation:

Surface preparation has become an avenue for increased opportunities for FloorMedic’s.  We have noticed that many contractors want to install their own final flooring products but lack the equipment to provide proper surface preparation.  FloorMedic’s has the surface prep equipment for the job.  We have several shot-blasters to remove coatings or provide a proper surface profile for new floor coverings, epoxies, self-levelers, and other coatings. Experts agree that surface preparation is the critical step of any job.  This is especially true when coatings are involved.  Surface preparation will save you time and money, and can substantially reduce the possibility of coating failure and costly re-work. The key to a successful coating or overlayment project is successful surface preparation.  Why do you need surface preparation?  The prepared area must be able to accept adhesion of a coating by providing the right amount of profile, or “tooth”, for the coating.  Surface preparation is the key to this process!

Shot Blasting:

Blastrac® shot blasting is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete and steel surfaces.  This labor and time-saving process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously.  It leaves the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays – eliminating drying time and costly disposal procedures associated with other surface preparation methods. Shot blasting is the preferred method of surface preparation, recommended by most coating manufacturers.  It produces excellent bonding characteristics that promote maximum floor life and reduced coating failure.

Grinding & Polishing:

Diamond grinders and polishers use horizontally rotating disks to level, smooth or clean a concrete surface.  A diamond tipped or other type of abrasive wheel is mounted on the grinder.  Planetary grinders are well suited for highly polished concrete.  Grinders or polishers coupled with the appropriate vacuum offer a virtually dust-free and comfortable work environment.

What FloorMedic’s can do with our grinders:

  • remove coatings or adhesive residues
  • smooth or flatten concrete slabs (including curled expansion joints)
  • remove surface imperfections
  • prep concrete for decorative uses


Scarifiers are versatile, dust-free surface preparation tools used for concrete, asphalt and even steel surfaces.

Use scarifiers  for repairing common slab problems, such as:

  • curled joints or high spots
  • trowel marks or uneven slabs
  • burned slabs due to over-troweling
  • damage due to weather

They remove oil, contaminants, traffic lines, epoxy coatings or paint.  They are suitable for smoothing uneven surfaces and trip hazards, or for cutting safety grooves in ramps, walkways and loading docks.


Using these specialized cutting tools will make your job a lot easier!  Our saws can be instrumental if your job includes decorative cutting, tuck pointing, tile re-grouting and many other concrete related cuts.  They are ideal for routing out cracks and joints in preparation for the application of repair compounds prior to re-coating or finish polishing.

FloorMedic’s saws are used for:

  • crack chasing for joint repair
  • decorative concrete cuts including arcs
  • grout line cleanout for tile re-grouting
  • cleanout for tuckpointing
  • wall chases for utilities

Dust Collectors:

Blastrac® Dust Collectors reduce airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment, make surface preparation atmospheres more pleasant, and improve safety. Blastrac® Dust Collectors are specifically designed for the rigors of commercial/contractor use, with powerful motors for increased air flow, heavy duty filters, and components that are protected from dust and debris for longer life.  Particulate and dust created during surface preparation and repair jobs can be hazardous, and Blastrac® Dust Collectors efficiently collect and contain these contaminates.  Easily removable and transportable dust bins are added features.  A cleaner work environment is safer and provides for increased productivity for operators as well as other workers in the same area.

Blastrac® Dust Collectors feature:

  • FloorMedic’s only uses Hepi Filters that reduce dust contaminants by 99.9%
  • dust control is a high priority with our company

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