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About Ryan Fortune & FloorMedics

FloorMedics is a Total Solutions Company When It Pertains To Concrete Moisture Testing, Consulting, and Inspections. “We evaluate over 7 million square feet of concrete nationally every year.” FloorMedics is committed to being a trusted industry leader in certified concrete moisture & alkalinity testing, moisture related floor covering inspections and concrete mitigation solutions. We are the first testing agency in Colorado and one of the few in the country that specializes in certified concrete moisture reporting and moisture related floor covering failures. We utilize hi-tech equipment to provide accurate ASTM-compliant moisture testing methods. This provides valuable tracking data of moisture and temperature trends in a slab.

Ryan Fortune, the founder of FloorMedics, has represented most of the industry leaders of the floor covering market that manufacture adhesives, concrete repair mortars, tile and stone products, patches & levelers, polymer floor systems, moisture testing equipment and concrete moisture mitigation systems. Ryan is a Certified Tile Consultant with the Ceramic Tile Institute of America and is a Certified Moisture Technician with the International Concrete Repair Institute. Ryan is also an active voting member on the ASTM F6.40 committee that creates the standards for F710, F2170, F1869, F2659 & F3010. Ryan has been a commercial flooring contractor for 25 years specializing moisture mitigation systems, concrete polishing, self-leveling, and surface preparation. Ryan also has an extensive background in the ceramic tile and stone industry with expertise in water management.

He is considered by his peers to be on the forefront of the industry and is the owner and founder of the Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Group on LinkedIn.

FloorMedics follows the recommended industry standards when offering consultations, conducting concrete moisture testing, and can recommend moisture mitigation systems. We provide consultation and advice regarding concrete moisture related floor covering failures, concrete moisture testing and will provide solutions either over-the-phone or on-site.


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