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FloorMedics is a total solutions company! Since 2009, we have specialized in:

FloorMedics is committed to be a trusted industry leader and utilize hi-tech equipment to provide accurate ASTM-compliant moisture testing methods. This provides valuable tracking data of moisture and temperature trends in a slab.
ICRI Concrete Repair Member 2023

Ryan Fortune

Founder & Idea Guy

Certified Concrete Slab Moisture Test Technician

Ryan Fortune, the founder of FloorMedics, has a national reputation for his flooring expertise and a global influence on the future of the industry. He grew up in a tile and stone family business where he learned the art of installing ceramic tile.

He traveled the country installing floors for Chili’s, On The Border, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ulta, Gart Sports…just to name a few! From there, he expanded his flooring knowledge base to include representing some of the world’s largest manufactures and creating his own concrete mitigation company. This is where he developed a passion for concrete. The science behind the drying process, patches and levelers, adhesives, repairs and testing eventually turned into Colorado’s first, and arguably, most successful concrete moisture testing company.

Now, over a decade later, Ryan continues to shape the concrete industry as an active voting member on the ASTM F6.40 voting committee. This committee creates the standards for F710, F2170, F1869, F2659 & F3010, which are the ASTM standards that all certified concrete moisture testers abide by to provide accurate testing results.
Ryan has been a commercial flooring contractor for 25 years specializing moisture mitigation systems, concrete polishing, self-leveling, and surface preparation. He is a Certified Tile Consultant with the Ceramic Tile Institute of America and is a Certified Moisture Technician with the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).
Ryan is the owner and founder of the Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Group on LinkedIn (Link to group) and is considered by his peers to be on the forefront of the industry:

Christi Fortune


Certified Concrete Slab Moisture Test Technician & Communications Director

As co-owner of FloorMedics, Christi is often found on the job sites, either working with Ryan or running her own hammer drill. As one of only a few women listed with ICRI as a certified concrete moisture testing technician, she has a unique perspective of the concrete industry. She grew up in a construction family where her father taught her the value of hard work. Christi’s experience included roofing, tiling, kitchen remodels, and more.

Her career then delved into the world of communications with 10 years at the NBC station in Colorado Springs and 13 years as the Communications Director at the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Eventually, she circled back around to her roots and re-entered the construction industry with FloorMedics. She received her ICRI certification in October 2019 after learning and training in the field for nearly a year.

When Christi isn’t working on jobsites, she spends whatever time is left in the day expanding FloorMedics reach. She has developed the FloorMedics’ Facebook page and email blast to better communicate with clients and has written a number of blog posts with Ryan. She is currently developing a national outreach plan.