Porosity Testing

Free Porosity Testing

What is Porosity Testing?

Porosity testing calculates the water absorption rate of the concrete.  This can affect the type of sealer and flooring that is installed. 

FloorMedics provides this service free of charge in conjunction with our Concrete Moisture Testing jobs.  

Video Recording
We will provide a video of the complete test for your use in decision making.

FloorMedics Offers Porosity Testing Free as Part of Our Concrete Moisture Testing Services

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Porosity Testing

We are thrilled to now offer CONCRETE POROSITY TESTING!

FloorMedics is the first testing company in the country to offer this service! 

As an added benefit to you, we now offer Porosity (Water Absorption) testing for free in conjunction with your scheduled moisture tests. The program has been designed within the ASTM standards (F3191-16.)

What does this mean for you? The Porosity Test will help you decide which adhesive to use based on the liquid absorption capability of the concrete. Our testing staff will also provide photos and a video for your records.

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