Calcium Chloride Testing (F1869)

What is Calcium Chloride Testing?

The moment concrete is mixed and a slab is poured, a scientific process begins that will affect drying time, hardness, moisture, flooring, adhesives, and many other factors that are required for a successful flooring project. Concrete moisture emission is a natural process driven by environmental conditions and all floor coverings are susceptible to failure from excessive moisture vapor emissions.

The calcium chloride test (F1869) obtains a quantitative value indicating the rate of moisture vapor emission from the surface of a concrete slab and whether that area is acceptable to receive resilient floor covering. All concrete subfloors emit some amount of moisture in vapor form.

This helps general contractors, flooring companies, and everyone involved in a flooring project to have the valuable knowledge needed to make decisions based on sound science.

Calcium Chloride testing includes preparing a 20″x20″ slab area at each test site to remove debris and open the surface. ASTM standards require 3 tests for the first 1,000 square feet and 1 test for every 1,000 additional square feet. The tests must remain in place and unadulterated for 60-72 hours and can only be removed by a FloorMedics technician, which are extensively trained in performing and evaluating the test.

These tests are often performed in conjunction with RH, pH, and porosity tests.

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Performing a Calcium Chloride Test
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