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$1 Billion in Floor Covering Failures
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Excessive moisture-vapor emission or water-vapor transmission causes floor finish failures and significant financial strife in the form of legal settlements and judgements.  The costs amount to an estimated $1B each year.

The failures also cause incredible losses in the form of downtime for repairs and even contributes to unhealthy indoor air quality. 

Ignoring the issue is not an option.

The Solution: FloorMedics

Evaluating concrete moisture testing companies can be challenging.  

Proactive, independent testing from a certified testing agency can help reduce your liability, prevent huge costs, and keep your project on track.

FloorMedics has the expertise combined with the years of experience to give you the essential data that you need to know about your concrete slab. We test nationwide and can provide results in 24 hours.


Trusted by Fortune 500 Corporations

On Site Moisture Testing with FloorMedics

24 Hour Emergency Test

In this video, our lead tester and company owner Ryan Fortune heads out to a job site. Wood flooring is ready to be installed – but first Ryan must test to make sure that there has been no moisture penetration into the concrete slab. After meeting with the contractor, Ryan gets to work and provides test results within 24 hours.

The 3 Keys to Concrete Moisture Testing

1. Experience counts

Experience matters.  There are very few companies who specialize in concrete moisture testing.  Choose a company who has delivered accurate, reliable results to Fortune 500 companies and small business owners alike.

Our company has conducted over 6,000 concrete moisture projects in the past 10 years for both small and large businesses – including many Fortune 500 corporations.


(avoid subcontractors)

Some testing companies will outsource their testing to subcontractors. These subcontractors may have a variety of backgrounds – and they may not even specialize in concrete moisture testing.  You may not even know the person responsible for doing your testing. 

With us, you’ll know your tester has conducted thousands of reliable, accurate tests you can count on.  If you have questions, you don’t have to go through multiple channels – just ask us directly.

3. get good value

Once you’ve identified experienced firms who do their own work, the next step is price.  You’re going to want to make sure you keep your project on track without breaking the bank.

We have competitive pricing and provide our clients highly accurate test data at a fair price.


Commercial Concrete
Moisture Testing

Reduce risk of flooring failures. Get the information you need to make informed decisions about your concrete floor.


The Porosity Test will help you decide which adhesive to use based on the liquid absorption capability of the concrete.


Put our years of concrete prep and testing experience to work for you. Everything you need to know for concrete floors.