2018 FloorMedics by the Numbers

As of today we just reached 600 projects moisture tested for 2018…….But what does that really mean??

Okay, Let’s break it down by the numbers!

600 projects tested nationwide equates to over 7.5 million square feet of “questionable” concrete we have successfully tested.

We have written, to date, 600 risk assessments. Ok. But what does that really mean??

Our clients use our risk assessments to either install directly to the concrete or, if the results are considered high risk, then they will use moisture mitigation and/or moisture resistant/tolerant materials prior to installing any new flooring. This mitigates the high risk (Pun intended).

Let’s break it down just a tad more by numbers:
New commercial flooring on average costs about $9.00 per square foot. At 7.5 million square feet tested in 2018, FloorMedics has successfully tested for $67,500,000 of new flooring in hospitals, schools, fitness centers nationwide, call centers, military bases and just about anywhere new flooring goes!

Every year in the US there is approximately a billion dollars in moisture related floor covering failures! WOW, a Billion Dollars in what could have been avoided moisture related failures!

Thank all of you for your business

It costs 5 times more to replace a moisture related flooring failure in 2018. But what does that mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! It means FloorMedics, to date in 2018, has helped our clients avoid $337,500,000 in moisture related flooring failures based on our testing results and our risk assessments.

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