Concrete Moisture Testing: 5 States in 4 Days

FloorMedics April Newsletter

We just completed a whirlwind trip…four job sites in three states encompassing a seven state trek over four days!

This weekend is a true reflection of our national concrete moisture testing company. One of those jobsites was coordinated on the same day that we received the initial call! In all, this represents 100,000 square foot of testing that allows construction companies, flooring companies, and customers to be confident in their decisions for their flooring project.

  • We deploy quickly to ensure projects stay on time.
  • We do this at minimal cost to the overall budget.
  • We provide valuable information to help prevent flooring failures that could cost 5 times more than the cost of a failing floor.

Some Highlights from the Trip

In the last month, we have have seen city streets from the birds eye view of skyscrapers, we’ve walked the depths of high-tech laboratories, we’ve seen concrete standing the test of time and floors that are struggling to survive.  Our FloorMedics team has seen it all!  No matter what your project entails, FloorMedics has the experience to meet your concrete moisture testing needs.

7,000 Sites Tested

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FloorMedics has successfully tested approximately 7,000 sites.  When you test that much, you need to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

We test our sensors for calibration every 30 days, which is recommended by ASTM. If they don’t meet our quality assurance standards, the sensor is replaced. FloorMedicsis dedicated to providing accurate concrete moisture testing results.

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