Concrete Moisture Testing – Why Using Subcontractors is Risky

FloorMedics has wrapped up another cross country trip – performing concrete moisture testing in five cities in two states.  Along the way, we were very busy:

  • 100 concrete moisture tests
  • 8 hours of flying
  • 15+ hours of driving

What About Using Subcontractors for Concrete Moisture Testing?

We’re based out of Colorado and do a lot of traveling to client sites for testing. During our most recent trip, we were asked a number of times about hiring sub-contractors:

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just hire subcontractors instead of traveling and doing all the work yourself ? 

Yes. Yes it would.

But our results wouldn’t be nearly as reliable if we used subcontractors.

Companies know that they can trust the results we provide, and they know we stand behind our work. We’re in demand nationally because of our reputation for providing accurate, dependable results.

FloorMedics specializes in concrete moisture testing. We won’t sacrifice our strict quality standards and processes by hiring subcontractors who do moisture tests as an occasional side job. There’s just too much time and money at stake for your business if these inexperienced subcontractors get it wrong.

If we were to hire subcontractors, it would take the quality control out of our control. By doing the work with our own staff, we are able to provide the highest quality concrete testing reports.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Hiring Subcontractors for Concrete Moisture Testing:

  • Do you really know their experience and knowledge — and are you willing to trust them with the future of your business?
  • Does this person perform a wide variety of tasks for hire or do they specialize in concrete?
  • Do they have the experience to not only perform the testing, but know what those test results mean?

Two of the founding principles of FloorMedics are: Quality Control and Customer Service. Hiring subcontractors is incompatible with our core beliefs.

Your concrete moisture testing results have a tremendous affect on your budget and timeline and we are dedicated to providing high quality reports to help you make informed decisions.

Trust FloorMedics with your concrete moisture testing needs.

Call us for a free quote at 303-507-2666.

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